Gepard Detailing

Welcome to the world of automotive perfection!

We are a team of professionals providing top-notch car polishing and wrapping services.
Our services ensure an unmatched level of protection and style for your vehicle.


from €250

Give your car a diamond shine! Our polishing gives the body a perfect shade, returning its original beauty.

Ceramic coating

from €250

Protect your car from environmental elements with ceramic coatings. Your doors will be ready to reflect any gaze.

Car wrapping with film

from €1700

Want to add some style to your car? Our films are the perfect solution. Anti-gravel film for protection and vinyl options for a unique exterior look.

Anti-gravity film (Polyurethane)


Vinyl: (Glossy, Matte, Chrome)

We offer a wide range of detailing services to make every detail of your car shine flawlessly.

Choose the best for your car today! Contact us through our unique B Direct promotion or write to us via email. We are ready to turn your car into a work of art on the road.

Work guarantee

Ceramic Coating

– Up to 2 years of warranty

Film Wrapping

– 12 years of warranty for anti-gravel film.
– 7 years of warranty for vinyl coverings.

We believe in the quality of our work. That’s why we offer warranties for our services up to 2 years. Your confidence is our priority.

General Benefits

Our car polishing and wrapping services provide your vehicle with reliable protection against various damages while preserving its original beauty and style. This leads to increased durability and the value of your car.



Reliable protection for your car with Gepard Detailing.


Our services provide long-lasting protection for your car, extending its lifespan.

Preservation of Value:

A protected and well-maintained car retains a higher resale value.

Cost Reduction in Maintenance:

Body protection reduces the need for frequent repairs and repainting.


Our car polishing and wrapping services are designed to highlight your individual style and transform your car into a true work of art on the road. Here’s how we can help you express your unique automotive style.